Work Packages

O1.1- Identify and analyze the adverse environmental effects associated with the 5 bio-based industrial sectors:

construction, woodworking, textile, pulp & paper, and bio-chemicals.

O1.2- Identify the origins to sustainability hotspots and gaps linked to industrial processes centered value.

O1.3- Identify the bio-based sectors incentives and hurdles for sustainability evaluation and optimization.

O1.4- Identify and understand all the missing gaps within PEF toolbox to be improved towards the assessment of target bio-sectors.



O2.1- Build case studies for each bio-based sector covering all the hotpots and methodological gaps identified in WP1.

O2.2- Develop simulation methods to evaluate the sustainability improvements in the LCSA analysis for the representative case studies from all bio-based sectors.

O2.3- Analyze the case studies based on the current best practice in sustainability assessment.

O2.4- Identify levers to improve the sustainability of case studies.

WP Leader: IVL

O3.1- Develop missing characterization factors for LCSA.

O3.2- Integration of circular economy and criticality aspects into the LCSA framework.

O3.3- Improve LCI calculation of GHG including temporal dimension.

O3.4- Integrate socioeconomic perspective in the LCSA framework.

WP Leader: LIST

O4.1- Bio-based industry specific developments for current existing simulation, LCA, LCC and optimization frameworks.

O4.2- Linking the simulation, LCA, LCC and optimization modules.

O4.3- Validate the bio-based specific framework to perform multi-objective optimization of industrial processes considering sustainability indicators.

WP Leader: Contactica

O5.1- Identification of feasible and promising solutions for the reduction of environmental performance of identified case studies.

O5.2- Demonstrate that the solutions purposed improve current environmental and sustainability performances.

O5.3- Define the most efficient procedures to monitor the sustainability performance of the bio-based sectors.

WP Leader: Contactica

O6.1- Promote the visibility of CALIMERO activities, goals and outcomes during project implementation.

O6.2- Raise awareness of the importance of the consumption of bio-based products rather than petroleum-based.

O6.3- Engage all target audiences with didactic contents and activities.

WP Leader: Contactica

O7.1- To form a strong organizational structure to achieve effective and result-driven management.

O7.2- To ensure that goals and objectives are clearly defined and visible throughout the project.

O7.3- To monitor progress among planned and actual activities.

O7.4- To identify risks and apply corrective action plan when necessary.

O7.5- To ensure timely delivery of all the technical reports to the EC and efficient financial management.

WP Leader: Contactica