Don’t miss out on the insightful perspective shared by our partners from CESEFOR, in their latest video! Join us as they delve into the crucial topic of ‘Why Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is essential in the wood panel and wood composites industry.’ We extend our sincere thanks to Tamara Coello GarcĂ­a for her invaluable collaboration in bringing this informative content.

In this video, CESEFOR sheds light on the significance of Life Cycle Assessment in the context of the wood panel and wood composites sector. Gain valuable insights into the environmental impact assessment, sustainability considerations, and the implications of adopting LCA practices in this industry.

Check out the video now and stay informed about the latest advancements in sustainable practices within the wood industry. Your understanding is key to driving positive change!

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CESEFOR is an entity convinced of the key role of the forestry sector in the new strategies of the bioeconomy and circular economy. Their contribution aligns with the comprehensive development of this sector and all its value chains, promoting sustainability, innovation, and research across all its productive domains.