On June 11, 2024, a dynamic networking event took place at the III Ibero-Latin American Congress on Wood in Construction (CIMAD 2024), held in Madrid from June 10 to 14. This session, scheduled between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM, provided a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry leaders and academic experts.

The event featured prominent partners from Cesefor, PEFC, the University of Granada, and the University of Coimbra, who came together to present the innovative CALIMERO project. This initiative aims to revolutionize the use of wood in construction, highlighting sustainability and technological advancements.

Participants engaged in vibrant discussions, exploring the project’s impact and potential applications. The networking session fostered a collaborative environment, enabling stakeholders to share insights and forge meaningful connections. This event underscored the importance of cross-sector partnerships in driving forward the future of sustainable construction practices.