We are thrilled to announce that very recently the CALIMERO and ALIGNED projects held a highly productive informal meeting with important stakeholders from the European Commission. This meeting took place on May 29th and brought together policy officials and project partners to discuss essential topics in sustainability and assessment of bio-based products.

Attendees included policy officer Mauro Cordella, from the Directorate General for Environment (DG ENV), Blanca Saez Lacave, Project Adviser from Horizon Europe, or technical coordinators Eduardo Entrena Barbero (CALIMERO) and Massimo Pizzol (ALIGNED). There were also approximately 30 participants who included representatives of the project partnership and members of stakeholder organizations who took part.

The meeting began with Eduardo Entrena Barbero and Massimo Pizzol giving brief overviews of the CALIMERO and ALIGNED projects. The discussion covered a variety of important topics in the areas of:

  •        Assessment of the Carbon Footprint of Bio-Based Products
  •         Environmental Impact Categories and Sustainability Requirements
  •         Consistency and Fairness in the development and modeling of Life Cycle Inventory Data sets
  •        Toolboxes for Life Cycle Assessments and their agreement with the Environmental Footprint Methodology

The meeting provided an important forum for the exchange of ideas and insights between project participants to will help identify crucial information for stakeholders develop a better understanding of the project and it will also highlight any commonalities, differences, and potential synergies between the projects. This meeting showed the considerable potential and impact of working together with CALIMERO and ALIGNED.


This meeting highlighted the importance of working jointly to provide a path forward in the area of sustainability and developing methods related to evaluation of bio-based products. The conversations will inform the future activities of both projects and collaborate to assess moving the dial on each area of sustainability related to the development of bio-based products.