CALIMERO Consortium met for the first time in the KOM in Madrid

The project started in July 2022 and all the partners were eager to see each other in person and getting to know each other, after a couple of online meetings. Finally, that day was the 28th of September 2022

The majority of the consortium arrived that day and could enjoy a pleasant welcome from the Contactica team (the project coordinator), who organized a tour around the center of Madrid (Spain). After the tour, the present attendees enjoyed a project dinner.

The day after, the 29th of September, it was time for the meeting. Manuel Román, CEO of Contactica, welcomed all the virtual and present attended of the Kick Off Meeting. The hybrid meeting was organized at La Nave, a cutting-edge venue where a lot of tech start ups and innovation small companies have an incubator to start off and many interesting events take place. After Manuel welcomed all the consortium, the Project Officer gave the project members some advice to take throughout the project and wished everybody luck to achieve all the objectives.

Then, every project company was presented with some slides, so the rest of the consortium knew the faces behind each institution. This is how every member got to know who they will be working with for the rest of the project duration. Afterwards, Contactica shared an overview of the project and how it will be developed for the next months. And after that, all work packages were explained in detail for the rest of member to understand the work which will be carried out in order to achieve all of CALIMERO’s goals.

Of course, there was time to start thinking about the next meeting. And to network and create synergies which, for sure, will be really beneficial for CALIMERO’s development.

A big thank you to all the project members for travelling to Madrid, sharing their time, ideas and showing such enthusiasm for the project. Thank you, too, for all contributions, discussions, insight and inputs shown during CALIMERO’s Kick Off Meeting. See you soon in the next online and in-person meetings!

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